Holder Education Videos now online

Near the bottom of this page please note our September 25, 2013 Holder Education session was recored so you can review the material at your own convenience. Many thanks to those who attended and participated!

New for 2013 - Know before you Report

A new Holder Information Packet is now available for 2013.

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Update your information

We need to know your Utah compliance point of contact, (POC), information. Please provide your current information here: Enter your response here (your unique holder # is required).

Report Unclaimed Property to Utah

The Utah Unclaimed Property Act (Section 67-4a et.seq.) requires that a holder report to the Treasurer property which is presumed to be abandoned or unclaimed after the stated dormancy period for each property type.

Report electronically by November 1st for Unclaimed Property identified as of June 30th

Follow the steps below to file your unclaimed property report electronically:

  1. Create your NAUPA formatted report.

    If you don’t have unclaimed property software download one of the following for free:

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    This software is exclusively endorsed by NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators).

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    HRS Pro
    This software is sponsored by ACS Finance and Revenue Solutions, Wagers & Associates, Inc.

  2. Then submit your report through our secure website:


Recommended Timeline for Reporting Unclaimed Property:

June 30: Identify properties that may be reportable as of June 30th
Aug 1: Prepare and mail due diligence letters to those property owners where a good address exists
On or before Nov 1: Electronically submit Utah’s Unclaimed Property report

If electronic reporting creates a hardship or if you have any questions regarding the reporting instructions: contact our Holder Relations Section at (801) 715-3300, toll free at (888) 217-1203, fax (801) 715-3303, or by email: at: holders@utah.gov.

To learn more about property types and the national standard, review the NAUPA Standard Electronic File Reporting Format (PDF format). For more information about unclaimed property administration, see the NAUPA - The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website: www.naupa.org

Downloading PDF formatted files? Click here to get the free reader from Adobe(R)

2013 - Online response to Compliance Self Assessment

If you were selected for a Compliance Self Assessment review : Click here to complete your online response.

Click here to see all of the questions contained in the Compliance Review process.